It’s done! Finally.

I am basically now done with my new Ysi Earth map. Check it out.



That was awesome

This is the first time I’ve been on a winning team in Left4Dead versus. In the finale, I got three of them, with a smoker! Heeeee heheheheheeeeee. It was Blood Harvest, so I got one at the ledge where they fall down into the field, no one could help poor Zoey. The second was, in tandem with a hunter, at the end of the field (while one of them did something else, I don’t know where), and the last one I got from the window. Though that was a kill-steal by the hunter, but it was mine cause we won there and then.

Stuff I’ve worked on: I’ve been modifying the map of Ysi Earth.
New version of Ysi Earth

So nothing much done on the script.