About me (summary)

My name is Kristian Järventaus. No, no, wait, my story gets better. I am a student at Helsinki University, majoring in General Linguistics and minoring in Computational Linguistics and English Philology. I’m a fandom literature nerd (fantasy and some science fiction) with a great interest in world-building and constructed languages. I’ve dabbled a bit in a lot of things, like writing. If you ever meet me, I hope you will be able to get over your first, second and third impressions, and recognise in me a great humility and nobility of spirit unsurpassed since ancient times.


2 comments on “About me (summary)

  1. Serali says:

    I love this script!

    Pretty scripty! Keep posting samples and wonderful updates! *Goes to look through entries*

    You’ve made the boingies proud my friend!

    Serali ( From the ZBB )

  2. Matteo says:

    I don’t know if you’re gonna follow this blog anymore, but I want to write also this comment to say: Great Job. I’ve got your same passions, so I really enjoyed what you’ve done. From now to the future, you’ll know that you’ve got a potential great friend down in Italy ;)


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