Short sitrep.

Out of college, money spent, etc. I am currently trying to find a job, etc., which means a lot of free time.

Thus, I’ve gotten quite a lot of work done on the script. Currently, I am clearing one of the bigger hurdles of the script: derivational suffixes.

Finnish has a lot of these. And they are really, really hard to make glyphs for. Mainly for these reasons:

  1. They are too abstract in meaning. Some of them are so old that they have no discernible meaning at all; they’re just morphological fossil dust bunnies, like one of the -ex suffixes.
  2. They are all too alike. About 68% (made-up number) of all the primitive nominal suffixes of Finnish are some form of diminuitive. All the myriad verbal suffixes can usually be classified into frequentative, continuative, momental, etc. in meaning, though thankfully some of them are reflexive or reciprocal. There is no discernible difference between -AhtA- and -AltA-, but they’re etymologically completely separate and require their own signs because they are not complementary.
  3. idno i just needed a third here to pad out the list

Another thing is that I am finding that the “style” of the script is all over the place, because of the great lengths of time involved. I sometimes innovate a particular small thing, but then I only use it once or twice, and because I work in a very compartmentalised fashion, those particular styles tend to group around a specific semantic or morphological area. I have probably a dozen ways to draw a man with fours arms (or just the four arms, floating… It’s a symbol for “action, work, verb”, that sort of thing.) I’m also finding myself itching to redesign most of the older signs I have.

Otherwise, things are going well, thanks to the social security net of Finland. If I cannot find other work, I am almost guaranteed to get some temp jobs as a substitute teacher at my old high school (good old nepotism… is that the right word). They’re always in need of substitute teachers.