I am soon graduating.

I am done with my studies of linguistics at Helsinki University (at the moment: maybe, maybe I’ll try to go further), and summer is here again.


i am going to die some day

why am i suddenly so old??


3 comments on “I am soon graduating.

  1. Susan Bloom says:

    I have a stone with some unusual letters that remind me of your glyphs. Would you like to see it?

    • Naeddyr says:

      Sure – it’s most probably just convergent coincidence, but it’ll be interesting to see. :)

      • Susan Bloom says:

        yes they are not the same but have a similar lokk, I have looked at a lot of scripts trying to find the correct one, I am thinking it is Tibetan or somewhere around there but was interested that your Finnish glyphs has some similarities. If you have any insight please share, I think this stone is very old it had more of the white patina but I got oil on it and need to was it off.

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