Progress report

The past few days and weeks have been relatively productive. At the moment the number of glyphs is at most 180 (depending on how you count), with which you can write a sizeable chunk of all Finnish words. Using a relatively small amount of glyphs, representing lexical roots and derivative suffixes, you can form a huge amount of vocabulary by transparently transliterating Finnish speech. As an example, let’s take a lexical root (not a grammatical or functional root like MI- ‘that, what’ or JO ‘who, who’ which would be too easy), like TEKE. From TEKE-, “to make, do”, you can derive the words TEHDÄ, the verb, TEKO ‘deed’, TEOS ‘art piece’, TEKEMINEN ‘doing’, TEKIJÄ ‘maker, author’, TEOLLISUUS ‘industry’, TEOLLINEN ‘industrial’, TEHTÄVÄ ‘exam question, assignment, mission’, and more. With a script like this you do not even have to worry about etymological purity or certainty, because you can always apply in-character reanalysis to it. Häkkinen gives the etymology of TEHOKAS ‘effective, powerful’ as uncertain, probably from a root like TEHTO- which is probably related to TEKE. An in-character script like this doesn’t have to follow pure etymological paths, and thus can use TEKE as the ultimate root glyph of TEHOKAS. There are many more examples of this kind of reanalysis in the script, partly to make it simpler and partly to make it slightly more realistic.


Progress report: binawail

Today I actually did some glyphs for the FMSSP! Just basic pictograms for words like “tongue/language”, “word” (< TONGUE + something on the tongue), “light” (a sign I originally designed for “day”, except I already had a word for that!), “new” and “speak”. Didn’t have The Book and my new Other Book (Hakulinen’s Suomen Kielen Rakenne ja Kehitys, the Development and Structure of Finnish), so yeah, went for easy ones. But the important bit is that I have something done! I have now around 128 glyphs done (plus allographs), which is, all things considered, quite a lot… yet so little.


Clean Phelthie

When I was adding small text to the Ysi Earth map, I had to remake the Phelthie script to be more legible at small resolution. Ended up changing many grapheme shapes, etc.

Second Generation Phelthie

Most of the names on the map are just random or generated words in the script, presumably a language… Ah, that would be a spoiler.

I should get around to writing those tutorials.

Working on the map, planning tutorials

For a while I thought the pen of my drawing tablet was fucked, but it turned out it was like that because I moved it too close to the monitor. I’ve been seriously thinking of buying a flat screen now, but I bought this CRT and damn it I will use it to its last drop. Maybe if someone throws out and old LCD or something. I could with the space on the desk.

Anyhow, for the past few days I’ve been working on making a good method of drawing mountains for the map, to get adaptable mountain chains, and I think I’ve gotten it.

Mountains preview

I also discovered a few Hugin methods to do distortionless poles for your global maps. Very neat, must write a tutorial for it.