Progress report

Nothing to report about the script, I haven’t done anything on that for a while now. Have to get something done, otherwise it’ll die.

On the mapmaking front, nothing much here, either. Trying to do the damn climates (up to precipitation and temperature, after which is slapdashing the actual climate areas down, but I really should redo the windpatterns hetceterathetceterate). Today I decided to go with the classical Azimuthal Equidistant projection instead of Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area, because it is much more in-character for an ancient map. The differences are slight, though on the Equidistant projection, the areas near the centre are slightly smaller, making the landmasses look even sparser compared to the surrounding oceans… But as a plus, making graticule lines (or whatever they’re called) is simple, because the central lines going through the centre are all regular, instead of ‘tapering’, as with the Equal Area projection.


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