Why Pluto should not be a dwarf planet (spoilers: cuz I say so)

Before I had this blog, Readers of the Future, there was a brouhaha over a cabal of astrophysicists at a conference in Switzerland manipulating a vote to redefine (or rather, to define) what a planet is, in a way that demoted the planet Pluto to dwarfplanet Pluto. I mean, that is horrible. Dwarfplanet? Common, call it semiplanet or demiplanet or something. Or better yet, call it a planet.

At the time, I made a personal definition of a planet that doesn’t include dusting its orbits or counting its toes:

1: it is big enough to become spherical under its own gravity.
2: it’s small enough to not burst into a star.

This includes moons, too. I mean, why couldn’t moons be planets? Some of those things are just… Huge. And Pluto gets to stay as a planet, and bring his friends along, too. The only losers are future generations of school-children, who have to learn even more complicated mnemonics than today.

Progress report: Today I made a couple of glyphs, including an adverbial morpheme. Seriously, that is impressive. An adverbialising morpheme glyph. What the fuck. How do you make that into a simple picture?


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