Pro.Rep. and making symbols

I haven’t actually done much lately, but today, and yesterday, I took the bull by the proverb and worked on some stuff. The case system is now complete (pending further revision), and I created some new lexical glyphs (that were used in a case or two). The greatest bulk of the work today, though, was the remaking of several symbols from the first batch (mostly the ugly compounds and demonstratives) that I’m still working on, but let’s just say that I’ve made several new, more satisfactory versions now.
I’ve also worked a lot on actually trying to do indepth etymological analysis. Because I am currently back home in the country, the only etymological source for Finnish I have at hand is Häkkinen’s old Etymologinen Sanakirja (which is part of the Nykysuomen Sanakirja series), not the much later and larger Nykysuomen Etymologinen Sanakirja, but this suits me fine, because it only contains the first one thousand most frequent Finnish words, which are then the most important Finnish words.

Nothing much else today, except I got a fit of wanting to do a symbol, so I got neek to commission a religious symbol for his conworld:
It’s a variation of my old ninjew star (or ‘jewriken’) concept.

Also, turns out Neek is a horrible anti-semite for letting me design this symbol for his fundie religious group thing.


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