FMSS progress report: cases almost done.

I finished today all the case morpheme glyphs (except the instrumentive and komitative which are dead), an easy task for me who once wrote a paper on the etymological history of the Finnish cases. Six of the case suffixes are part of the locative case system, coding six different kinds of latives and locatives, and they’re all historically derived from two morphemes that each had one of three other morphemes tacked at the end. The glyphs are simply combined glyphs for these.

I also thought about further evolving the script a step or two with cursive writing, where a glyph would written with as small amount of strokes as possible. The glyph IHMINEN (*INHIMINEN) becomes one stroke, and maybe a dot, etc. If I can pull it off it’ll be so awesome.

I’m thinking of translating that paper from the original Finnish. That information isn’t particularly wide-spread except among finno-ugrists, I believe.


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